Restore your health with the 30 days health restore challenge



The 30 days Health Restore program is designed by our Food For Life Coach to help individuals who have lifestyle health concerns or are looking to prevent lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer, Stroke, Digestive problems ,High Cholesterol and Obesity,these diseases are known to be major causes of premature deaths, risk factors of heart attacks, brain failures and other diseases is largely neglected as they have relatively low warning signs and symptoms,these “Silent-Killers” are prevalent among adults between 30-79 years. About 46% of these adults are unaware they are at risk of one or more of these conditions.

Prevention, early detection and proper management is therefore advised.

Join the 30 days health restore program to prevent and fight these diseases with natural plant based recipes.

We will work with you through this journey to Better Healthier Lifestyle.